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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Queen, Pedagogy and Robotics

The Queen may think that Pedagogy (earning A using scientific/“mystic” algorithms) and Meditation (analysing information to the same degree as the human mind and being filled with God’s knowledge/love) is possible for robots by working on 10 breasonings (an A in itself) per breasoning in the original A for Pedagogy and analysing information while walking, communicating or experimenting e.g. dotting a lecturer on to have help with a question or analysing a computer program or building your own computer as a way of understanding hardware for Meditation, where As (A grade assignments proving one’s mettle are composed of breasonings) are the functional syncytium in meditation.
This came from EQUEN (philosophical anagram) “equals enough” – The Queen would like enough X, where X is enough breasonings in Pedagogy and X is enough As in Meditation.
P.S. This means school robots could act as “calculator” brains, where implants could allow faster synthesis of A-grade information, speeding evolution and provide the outputs of meditation, e.g. steps needed to reach your goal, and building your own robot like becoming immortal, even with space travel involved. How can spiritual elements that make one famous (a “green” thing that make a dead famous academic appear clearly) be simulated? Perhaps teaching Gods how to program computers, e.g. Turing Machines is how to form these things, called technologies.

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