Meditation Instructions: Lucian Meditation is recommended to be practised every day. 1. Lucian Meditation Mantra Course Meditation consists of silently repeating the mantra, "lucian" for twenty, minutes, twice per day. The mantra becomes more and more refined, until one transcends the thought, clearing the mind. In fact, Lucian was taught meditation from a teacher who was in the lineage of Guru Dev. 2. Lucian Meditation Sutra Free Online Course Meditation using the sutra consists of repeating the sutra "green" for twenty minutes, twice per day after two months of using the mantra in the morning and evening.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Aim in Philosophy writing on Pedagogy

20 topics (2 uses, future, 2 types, x, y, z, touching, human judgment of nouns, human judgment of verb, room, part of room, direction, time to prepare, time to do, time to finish, God algorithm, professor algorithm, essay format, marking scheme, Anarchy Quiz) * 16 As ~ 300 As for secondary texts and lecturer done for each topic
~60 topics (as above,
  1. Lucian mantra - safety
  2. Green sutra - reasons one is interested in things
  3. Use
  4. Purusha
  5. Teacher
  6. Doctor
  7. Maharishi
  8. Raj
  9. Upasana
10. Appearances
11. moving appearances
12. productions
13. next conclusion
14. blue – nature
15. yellow – God
16. 50 breasonings per second
17. heart
18. brain
19. rest of body
20. protection
21. pranayama
22. High Quality Appearance of Lucianic Meditation
23. Lifespan blessing
24. Job role’s training
25. I like the world correcting things even if they haven’t been anyway still 23 (with a stone holding down the three)
26. Friends’ medical questions’ answers given said by the meditator.
27. There will be no tears.
28. Artist
29. Scientist
30. Builder
31. Plumber
32. Sufism (adds softness to meditation).
33. Heads of state do everything in meditation for you.
34. Conclusion: Reason and inference to conclusion should be thought of, like in critical thinking.
35. Conclusions A- at first* - done up, character, dot on, amplification, direction of eyes to you, speech to them, breason out conc (do) (harmless version of it) as if to you, dot on with A, br out text
36. Hindu tasks specified, after being found out from schools - receive A for it being done
37. Cosmology
38. University
39. when one falls asleep in meditation, the rest of the mantras (and sutras if necessary) are indicated on a system
40. High quality thoughts high quality thought (including nephews and nieces).
) * 50 As

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