Meditation Instructions: Lucian Meditation is recommended to be practised every day. 1. Lucian Meditation Mantra Course Meditation consists of silently repeating the mantra, "lucian" for twenty, minutes, twice per day. The mantra becomes more and more refined, until one transcends the thought, clearing the mind. In fact, Lucian was taught meditation from a teacher who was in the lineage of Guru Dev. 2. Lucian Meditation Sutra Free Online Course Meditation using the sutra consists of repeating the sutra "green" for twenty minutes, twice per day after two months of using the mantra in the morning and evening.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Monastic Substitution Prayer

When there are no monastics to help “power” meditation of a religion by breasoning out
( 50 Ags (As said by monks) to be fed to meditators per day, a prayer should be said for each meditator for alternative sources of breasoned As to be said as Ags for the meditators (once a 50 is done for one meditator, it will be “found out” for each of the others that day).

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